Keyhole Surgery

Five Months Old Baby Operated Successfully with Holmium Laser

By |February 16th, 2010|

Baby Manvi, a 5 months old female child was having a rare congenital anomaly of her left Kidney. There were two kidneys on her left side (called duplex kidney), both of which were opening separately in her urinary bladder, but the problem was that one of these two kidneys was having blockade of its ureter due to a condition […]

New Era of Laparoscopy

By |January 4th, 2010|

Conventionally cholecystectomy is done by laparoscopy by putting four holes over the abdomen. As the surgical field is evolving and technologies are becoming advanced day by day, especially in laparoscopic surgery, now this surgery can be performed by putting single incision over the abdomen.

Recently, this operation has been performed successfully for the very first time in Punjab at RG […]

Child’s gall stones removed by needloscopy

By |May 15th, 2007|

A team of doctors at RG Stone and Super Speciality Hospital, successfully performed a highly advanced needloscopy operation on three and a half year old girl, Anisha for removal of gall stones. It was the first surgical procedure of its kind in Punjab.

The surgery known as “micro-invasive laparoscopic cholecystectomy or needloscopy” was performed by Dr H.S. Jolly, Chief Laparoscopic […]