Baby Manvi, a 5 months old female child was having a rare congenital anomaly of her left Kidney. There were two kidneys on her left side (called duplex kidney), both of which were opening separately in her urinary bladder, but the problem was that one of these two kidneys was having blockade of its ureter due to a condition called ureterocele (the dilated lower part of the ureter which blocks its own passage). A big ureterocele was obstructing the passage of urinary bladder.

Dr. Anand Sehgal , Chief Urologist at RG stone & Super Specialty Hospital, Ludhiana performed this difficult surgery with the help of holmium laser and a very small telescope on Thursday, 11th Feb, 2010. This operation was done without any incision on skin, with the help of laser, the dilated lower end of the blocked ureter was opened.

Baby was fine after 3 hours of surgery taking her mothers feed and was discharged from the hospital on Friday. (within 36 hrs of admission)

Duplex Kidney is a very rare congenital anomaly. This defect occurs during the development of kidney while baby is in mother’s womb.

Previously this condition used to remain undiagnosed until the child grew up and the disease had caused complications. Thanks to the ultrasound modality which now helps us to diagnose this condition even before the baby is formed and timely action can be taken to preserve the kidney from further damage. Such highly advanced procedure requires a combination of modern technology and exclusive skill of the surgeon.

The facility of such advanced urological procedure is available in very few centres in India.