Kidney Stone Home Remedies – Tips to help with the discomfort & pain

September 10, 2019

With the rising rate of risk factors, one of the common diseases that has affected a lot of people is Kidney Stones. These stones are hard, a rock-like structure that forms inside the kidney when the malicious products do not completely drain out. The natural way of getting rid of these stones is passing them through urine. However, it is one of the most painful experiences. Also, the chances of their re-occurrence are also very high.

While kidney stone surgery is a great way to get rid of these stones permanently, you can always try some of the best home remedies to eliminate them in the first place. In this article, we have explained some of the proven kidney stone home remedies.

Drink plenty of water

Keeping yourself well hydrated is one of the best ways to get rid of kidney stones. This is not only care but also preventive measures from kidney stones. When you drink plenty of fluids, the water content in your body increases, which dilutes the stone forming contents. The body then releases the excess water, along with these contents, in the form of urine. While water along with beverages like coffee, tea, beer, wine, and orange juice is a great fluid to prevent kidney stones, soda and high carbonated drinks are considered contributing to the cause.

Add more citric acid to your diet

Citric acid works on calcium oxalate kidney stones. The two ways it is helpful are:

  • Avoid stone formation: Citric acid gets associated with the calcium in the urine and prevents the stone formation in the first place.
  • Reduce stone enlargement: In case you already have kidney stones, an increase in citric acid levels in the body means the excess calcium is being absorbed.

Some rich sources of citric acid are lemons, limes, oranges, and various other fruits and vegetables.

Limit oxalates intake

Oxalate, also known as Oxalic acid is found in various dietary items such as leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables. Our body also produces oxalate naturally. When the body gets richer with oxalate, they start showing in the urine. In case you tend to develop calcium oxalate stones, this can be an alarming condition for you.  However, before you avoid eating your leafy greens and vegetables, consult with your doctor first.

Limit your dose of Vitamin C

If you are taking vitamin D supplements you might be at a higher risk of developing kidney stones. This is because when you consume high Vitamin C supplement they trigger the production of oxalate in the urine. However, consuming Vitamin C rich food items does not cause any such problem.

Reduce your salt intake

Studies show that eating a diet high in salt can increase your risk of developing kidney stones. When you consume a lot of table salt, the sodium content in it works on your body resulting in calcium excretion in the urine.

Increase calcium intake

The more calcium-rich diet you will have, the lower are your chances of developing kidney stones. However, you must limit the intake of dietary calcium and increase the consumption of foods like milk, cheese and yogurt, and other good dietary sources of calcium. The recommended dose of calcium is 1000 mg per day.

Limit eating animal protein

Meat, fish, and dairy are a rich source of protein, but this animal protein is also associated with a higher rate of kidney stones. The animal protein can influence calcium excretion and have the opposite effects of citrate.

Make medicinal juices

There is a range of juices that act against the development of kidney stones. Some of the finest examples of such juices are Basil Juice, Lemon Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar Juice, Pomegranate juices, and more. These juices increase the fluid amount in your body and are also a rich source of citric acid.

Preventing and treating Kidney stones is possible. However, in case of a severe condition, it is important to consult the best surgeon for kidney stones first.

At RG Hospital, we are the most renowned kidney stone surgeon in Ludhiana offering a range of treatment plans if you are dealing with kidney stones, contact us, and let us help you attain complete health.

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