Conventionally cholecystectomy is done by laparoscopy by putting four holes over the abdomen. As the surgical field is evolving and technologies are becoming advanced day by day, especially in laparoscopic surgery, now this surgery can be performed by putting single incision over the abdomen.

Recently, this operation has been performed successfully for the very first time in Punjab at RG Stone and Super Speciality Hospital. The patient was a young lady and was distressed with gall stone problem since a long and was planning to do this operation in least possible invasive way. As per the plan, procedure went smoothly by single hole over the abdomen and patient was being discharged the next day. The surgery was a success with single scar, hence cosmetically superior with minimal need of medications and with no chance of pain in long run at other scar sites.

The dawn of new era of laparoscopy has been started and minimal invasive surgery has become more minimal. In the above single port cholecystestomy, state of the art imported instruments were used. After putting single incision over the abdomen; the flexible port was inserted and through the port miniature camera and miniature instruments were used to perform the surgery.