With changing lifestyle preferences, Prostate cancer has become one of the common problems reported in males. In case you have discomfort in your groin area, swelling or pain while urinating, you might have Prostate cancer. It is advised to see a doctor as soon as possible. If you are diagnosed positive for prostate cancer, you will be guided for the various treatment options available for the condition.

Prostate Cancer - What Treat Options are Available

While the doctor would guide you the best, it is important to have knowledge about the treatments options available to you. In this article, we have discussed all the possible treatments for prostate cancer. The doctor might recommend any one of these or advise a combination. The selection depends upon a range of factors including the stage of cancer, your health condition, medical history and more.

us discuss the key treatment options available for Prostate treatment:

Radiation therapy for Prostate Cancer:

therapy uses photons to kill cancerous cells. The ionizing radiation is
targeted on the cancerous cells for killing their DNAs. Once coming in contact
with the radiation, the cancer cells die without multiplying or regenerating.
The treatment is apt when prostate cancer is local. It is as effective as
surgery and offers great results.

You will have to connect with a radiation oncologist who will arrange your radiotherapy sessions. There are two types of radiotherapy:

External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT)

is commonly used radiotherapy to treat prostate cancer. The radiologist, with
the help of mapping, identifies the location of the cancer cells and target them


this therapy, the experts implant radiation seeds inside the prostate. These
seeds emit radiation internally, killing the cancerous cells.

for Prostate Cancer:

case, cancer has not spread, doctors suggest removing the prostate gland
through surgery. The procedure is called radical prostatectomy. However, in
case, cancer has spread and formed more advanced stage, the doctors work on
removal of the lymph nodes.

Open radical prostatectomy is the conventional way of operating the prostate gland and removing it. However, nowadays laparoscopic prostatectomy has become more popular. Irrespective of the type, a prostatectomy is a critical procedure, followed by a tough healing process. Surgery is often combined with other treatments such as Hormone therapy and Radiation therapy. The doctors might also recommend chemotherapy once the surgical wound is completely healed.

Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer:

It is believed that testosterone is one of the fuelling element for the development of prostate cancer. Through Hormone therapy for prostate cancer, the doctors focus on minimizing the levels of testosterone in the body. The treatment is also known as androgen deprivation therapy or ADT and is used in a case where metastasis has happened. The therapy works on stopping the production of Testosterone or limits its contact with the prostate.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy for Prostate Cancer:

The primary goal of chemotherapy is to restrict cancer from spreading to other sites. It is a critical procedure with lots of side effects. The oncologists administer medicine to your veins which acts on the cancerous cells. However, the high effects of medicine can easily be observed by healthy cells as well. The result is a complete body imbalance. The side-effects range from nausea to vomiting, constipation to loose motions, headaches to fatigue and a lot more. Its prime focus is to improve the quality of life and increase life span.

Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer:

cells are harmful to the body and our immune system is designed to work against
them.  However, when a patient has a
progressive prostate cancer condition, the immune system can become weak.
Immunotherapy works on the immune system of the body and retrains immune cells
to respond to the malicious cells.

Some of the common types of immunotherapies include:

These are some of the key treatments available for Prostate Cancer. An experienced prostate cancer expert can help you identify the best treatment for your condition and fight with prostate cancer effectively. At RG Hospital Ludhiana, we offer you all these treatments to ensure you get rid of the Prostate cancer and lead a healthy life. Contact us today and let us help you with your fight against Prostate Cancer.