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Why is there a need for ureteroscopy surgery? Know the whole procedure.

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Ureteroscopy Surgery

Do you experience discomfort when you urinate, or do you have kidney stones? Then the Best Urologist in Ludhiana will suggest you get a ureteroscopy. This procedure helps to find out or solve the troubles associated to the urinary tract.

In this procedure, the doctor injects a narrow, bendable scope into the uterus and bladder. This Ureteroscopy Surgery in Ludhiana helps the surgeon see whether there are kidney stones or other issues.

When Should We Go For It?

  • When you are going through kidney stones.

  • Kidney stones are stones-like structures made of salts and minerals. They are found in urine.

  • They can move down to the ureter.

  • A urologist advises going for a ureteroscopy when they see a tumor or unusual tissue in the urinary tract.

Why There Is A Need For Ureteroscopy

  • Untreated issues like urine blockage are identified with the help of Ureteroscopy.

  • If you have symptoms like you feel pain while urinating or not peeing as much as required, then you may need Ureteroscopy. But it only depends on the tests and their results.

  • Sometimes the surgeon uses ureteroscopy as a shock therapy so that it breaks kidney stones.

  • This is enormously helpful for pregnant women, overweight people, and people who face issues with a blood clots.

Advantage And Complications

Ureteroscopy is a successful way of doing different things like:

  • It helps to obtain a clear image of the urinary tract

  • Break or take out the stones

  • Take out doubtful tissues

The complications the ureteroscopy involves:

  • Bleeding

  • Injury in the uterus

  • And chances of infection

  • Discomfort while urinating

The patient will be given general anesthesia so that they fall asleep during the procedure. This involves using drugs and gases of anesthesia; there are some chances of injuries.


  • There is no need to prepare more for ureteroscopy.

  • You only need to urinate prior to the procedure.

  • You will get guidelines on how much time before the surgery you must discontinue drinking and eating.

Throughout the procedure

  • With the help of local anesthesia, the surgeon will make you fall asleep.

  • Then the doctor will inject the tip of the ureteroscope within your urethra.

  • Then the urologist will liberate the sterile solution to make seeing the bladder’s walls easier.

  • If the urologist thinks there is some issue with the kidney, they will move the scope toward it.

  • It usually requires only half an hour to observe the tract. But if the surgery is done to break the stones, then it will take more time.

After the surgery

  • After the procedure, your bladder will be vacant.

  • So for the next two hours, you must drink more than sixteen ounces of water.

  • You will witness discomfort and pain while urinating and even blood clots in the urine.

  • After some days, you will not deal with any issues.

  • If you suffer from pain then the doctor will prescribe a painkiller.


If you have some issues in the urinary tract or have kidney stones and you want to get rid of them. In that case, it is essential to book an appointment with RG Stone And Super Speciality Hospital so that you are free from any issue that is affecting your urinary tract.

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