Over the years RG, India’s largest chain of urology & laparoscopy hospitals, has been treating patients from various countries like USA, Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, Oman, UK etc. We are committed to provide services with care, compassion & competence in order to meet all kinds of needs of its patients coming from other countries. Dedicated team has been trained & utmost care is being taken in order to make these patients feel at home. Services like airport transfers, telephonic doctor’s consultation, cuisine as per choice, interpreter etc. makes patient at ease in an altogether new environment.

Why RG Hospital?

Seeking medical treatment outside your home country can be physically and emotionally difficult for you and your loved ones. We understand this completely. At RG, our international medical service is specially dedicated to meeting your every need, medical or otherwise. You will feel right at home because we will be by your side every step of the way.

From the moment you entrust RG with your medical care, you will correspond with a single point of contact – a one-stop service totally committed to your healthcare needs. As your comfort and needs are our top priority, our total healthcare management concept will assure you that your customised healthcare needs are promptly attended to. Ourteam of experienced doctors provides a broad spectrum of services for you and your family members, to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience, from pre-arrival to follow-up care.

Leading Surgical Center

RG hospital is the leading surgical center in many of its departments. We have performed many firsts in medical arena in India.

  • First institute to install Siemens Lithotripsy in India.
  • First institute in India to introduce 100 watt Holmium Laser.
  • First institute to perform laparoscopy assisted PCNL for a pelvic kidney staghorn.
  • First institute to treat the youngest patient with stone (9 months).
  • First institute to treat the oldest patient with stone (107 years).
  • First institute to treat a patient having permanent cardiac pacemaker with stone by lithotripsy.
  • First center in Punjab to install MGI modular operation theater for bacteria free environment for surgeries specially joint replacement.

RG hospital is not only recognised in India for its highly qualified health services but also has a reputation in international arena also. We have been certified by the Guinness World Records Ltd, keeper of the world records, for treating largest kidney stone endoscopically.